This Credit Card will Self Destruct in One Month


*Just give us your credit card so that when you forget to cancel, we can start charging you automatically. 

My calendar is cluttered with reminders to cancel this service or that.  The streaming video service for college hoops that automatically renews in April.  HBO when Game of Thrones ends.  Even a certain business social networking site with a free one-month trial followed by a pretty steep monthly charge. A few missed cancelations, and your bootstrapped startup could be racking up unnecessary charges. 

You can avoid these surprise charges with a tool provided by most major credit card companies.  To provide less risk of your credit card info from being stolen during on-line purchases, banks will provide you a temporary card number for online purchases.  For instance, Bank of America allows you to set both the credit limit and expiration date for a temporary number that charges back to your main credit card.

Use one of these temporary numbers with a low credit limit or short expiration date and you can limit how much and for how long an auto-renew can charge you.

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