Peyton Manning and the Continued Power of the Handwritten Note

Gatorade released a commercial paying tribute to Peyton Manning, and it is a powerful reminder of the impact of a hand-written note.  Over the course of his career, Manning wrote thank yous, encouragements and condolences to friends, colleagues, rivals and strangers.  

Those people remembered the kindness.

In the age of the personal brand, we all want to be remembered.  We want people to have a positive feeling when they think of us.  There is no greater way to make an impact on a person than to show them that they are important to you.  Taking the time to write a note, find a stamp, walk to the mailbox... in today's iHurry world, these simple, time-taking tasks say, "You are important."

Gatorade honored Manning by focusing on the words that he wrote to others. When you retire, will the same commercial be made about you?